Collapsible Multipurpose Cat Bed Cube

Foldable cat house
Weight:2.45 kg
Material:Cover plate 5mm, body 3mm, bottom plate 2mm MDF

With a Padded Top, This Pet House Ottoman is a Comfortable and Warm Place for Your Small Pet to Relax and Sleep,
and a Pleasant Resting Place for You.Cat Condo Cube Also can be Storage Box.
【Reasonable Design】
The Pet Cube House Has an Opening for Pets to Enter.
The Small Cave Makes Them Feel Safe, Reliable and Comfortable,
and The Soft Cover Allows Them to Relax In a Comfortable Environment.
【Space Saving】
The Pet Cube Bed can Easy to Use in Any Room at Home Without Sacrificing Too Much Space.
The Pet Cave Bed can be Folded Up for Easy Travel and Storage .
The Pet House is Sturdy Enough Not Only to Put Your Feet On The Footstool to Rest When Used As a Footstool,
But Also to Sit Down and Temporarily Use It As a Stool.