Grinding claw sisal toy

Name:Grinding claw sisal toy
Material:Short Plush, Sisal, Particleboard
Packing size:40*20*20cm
Package weight :1.5kg

【Durable & natural material】
pet scratching post is made of durable non-toxic natural sisal withpure plant smell that will catch your cat in no time.The plant fiber greatly retain its primal toughness, long lasting service for cat to scratch, climb, jump, play.
【Safe & High Quality】
Which is stable and difficult to pour, so that cats can not be hurt and safer when playing this toy.
【Protect your furniture】
Our cat tree is perfect to help stop your cats from clawing up furniture, curtains,and walls thanks to its natural sisal scratching material.Perfect for keeping your cats’ claws busy and their minds content.
【Keep cat healthy and fun】
The cat scratching toy give your cat hours of entertainment and feet exercise, let them happy.You can buy the pet toy for your cat, and it can grind cat’s paw,which can keep your cat healthy and be used repeatedly.
【Easy to assemble】
The design is simple to assemble, you can complete this installation in a short time,and easily create a wonderful playground for your cat.