Hamster Wooden Seesaw Tunnel Toy Funny Gym Playground Exercise House for Dwarf Hamster Small Pets (Seesaw Tunnel)

Packaging (outer box size) :43*36.5*41
The toys for hamster are made of 100% natural wood, safe and durable for chewing and biting.Let your pets to have a lot of fun in their own place.
【Durable Molar Tools】
The exquisitely shaped hamster chew toys are eco-friendly as well as bite-resistant.Functioning as molar tools for your pets to play and work out! Keeping them healthy and active.
【Perfet Gift for Pets】
The natural hamster toys kit is suitable for small pets, like hamsters and guinea pigs,helping them to grind down their constantly growing teeth as well as preventing your pets from chewing their cage and other furniture.A perfect gift for your pet.