Paintable Wooden Bird & Hamster House with Porch, Attracts Small Birds, Craft for Kids,Hang Bird Feeder Indoors or Outdoors

Product Name: Wooden Bird House
Color: Red,Blue,Green,Brown,Wood color
Material: Wood

✔Fun Project For Kids & Family
Introduce your kids to the wonders of the earth through this paintable birdhouse.
Unleash your child’s creativity by getting your child engrossed in painting and decorating this plain wood house.
This makes it a great craft for schools and camps.
Let your kids’ creativity fly with this simple yet engaging activity.
It is just the perfect fun activity for a rainy day for the entire family.

✔Wooden Birdhouse With Feeder
This wooden DIY Birdhouse will make a wonderful addition to your garden.
Little birds will flock to feed in this cozy birdhouse.
It is specially designed to attract eastern bluebirds.
It can provide a shelter home to various small birds looking for a place to nest and to set up housekeeping.

During cold winter nights’ finches, chickadees, tits or sparrows will roost inside this bird hut to stay warm.
It provides a sheltered warm place for birds from cold biting winds, rain or snow. Your bird will soon take to it.

Little wooden birdfeeder is fully assembled and this can be easily
hanged from a sturdy branch with the use of the loop provided.

This Bird Shelter and breeding birdhouse is made of 100% natural wooden ,
It can provide home to various small birds looking for a safe shelter to set up house keeping.

You can use this birdhouse in your garden by hanging it on a sturdy branch.
It can also be placed on a ledge, hung on your balcony, or as a centerpiece in a miniature fairy garden; the choice is all yours .