Parakeet Nesting Box Transparent Bird House for Cage Natural Wood Breeding Box for Parrot and Other Small Birds

Size:S:10*10*18.7CM ,M:12.5*12.5*24CM ,L:14.7*14.7*28.9CM
Scope of application:small and medium parrot birds

【High Quality Materia】
Made is 100% natural high quality wood carefully,eco-friendly, non-toxic,safe and strong,birds are not allergic, send out wood fragrance.
【Design Upgrade】
This bird hatching box adopts upgrade design, which makes it more beautiful.Arc bolt lock is added to make it more firm and not easy to fall off.A circular window is attached to the side, which allows the pet to observe the external situation at any time.
【Easy to Clean】
When cleaning, lift the top cover, take out the sundries inside the bird house, and then simply wipe the interior.
【Wide Range of Use】
Our bird incubator box is medium and large size, suitable for most bird breeding and hatching activities.It can not only be used for bird breeding activities, but also can be put in the birdcage at ordinary times, which is convenient for your pets to play.It’s suitable for small birds, such as parrots, pigeons, parakeets and so on.
【Transparent Design】
The side of the budgie nesting box is made of high-definition transparent acrylic material,which is convenient for observing the process of bird breeding and hatching and the situation of new born birds,satisfying your curiosity and witnessing the magic of birth of life.There is no need to open the cover repeatedly to avoid disturbing the birds.